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By submitting this form I am making a request to join North Yorkshire LETS. I understand that an annual maintenance fee of 12 Roses will be deducted from my account.
I am willing to make a sterling donation (we suggest up to £10 for individuals) in exchange for Roses when I join - and understand that members will be invited to do this on an annual basis - to cover the expenses of running the scheme.
I agree to my trading account and contact details being held on the database, and I consent to these details (except for my street address) being made available online to other members. I understand that once I have access to my online account, I will be able to update my Profile, post my Offers and Wants and carry out Transactions via the web-based system.
I have read and accept the GDPR Statement, Constitution & Agreement.
I am willing to help with the running of the scheme by doing administrative work, supporting enrolment and/or management of accounts for members near me who are not online, and/or helping to organise local events.

Please write in this box details of your own circumstances or information about your organisation, centre or project, any initial Offers and Wants - see our Inspiration List and/or Skills Matrix - including if you can give or will need help in accessing the internet, and other ideas of how you can help to run the scheme.

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